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hint it's the number four

OH Jesus, thank You that I helped the man with the brain injury, finding/returning his driver's license to him before someone stole it: he was SO grateful ... and thank You that I prayed with him, thanking You that I was there for him. Amen!
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Dear God, bless the journalist's family with peace, and guide justice to be done for his physical demise. Amen.
I thank God for Sandy, she is a good channel of the Holy Spirit, to give encouragement to others. She is the best.
Pray for S's bro who is very ill, and that God guide his sis, very upset that caretaker has taken advantage of him for financial gain. Pray that God heal those who do evil.
Jesus, I am SOOOO grateful for my part in this: bro's email to me, Amen!: "Hey Roxie,, thanks…. I am still sober, two weeks now and it feels pretty good."
Dear God, bless my friend to not have any problems in her office with the new staff coming in; help her to keep calm and not expect the worst. Amen.
Dear Lord, bless all those in the hurricane's path to be safe, like my cousin. Bless those whose loved ones perish from the hurricane; bless the injured to fully heal. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless the Mpls musician Aaron Lee, who was shot on his way to gig at 331 Club in NE, to heal fully. Amen.
Dear Lord, bless my good friend and her family; she said: "My mom is in the hospital and she has been given the last rights. I feel devastated." Amen.