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Pray for H & her kids in their new apt., that their problems are resolved and that they stay safe and do very well there. Amen.
Dear Jesus, from Heidi in Haiti!: bless them: "pray for the Titanyen elders and community, Grace compound (church, clinic, school and bakery), the people of Cite Soliel, and safety for our team." Amen!
Dear Jesus, bless Heidi and her children to be healthy and healed from the flu which had ailed them. Amen!
Pray for the families of the people who lost their lives in the bridge collapse in Florida.
Dear Jesus, guide meth addict, D, to stop using; and heroin addict A, to stop. Bless their family members. Amen.
I am in my wheelchair fulltime my prosthetic caused the back of my leg to rub raw. I'm trying hard to heal it up before Saturday’s wedding. Prayers are appreciated as Andy has been dealing with health issues as well. God Bless. Thank you.
My Saviour Jesus, guide someone (as I've been unsuccessful) to bring bro B to find You. Remove the apparent demon from him. Bless and protect Mom from his constant and horrible verbal abuse. Thank You.
Pray for comfort for the loved ones of the two teens who passed away from car crash in Braham MN.
Pray for comfort for the loved ones of the two teens who were killed in the car crash in Braham MN.
Dear Lord, thank You that Michelle and Emily found SG. Help Michelle to be Your Channel in her workplace, shower it with Your presence. And bless her to heal, and bless Adam for whom she prayed. Amen.