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Dear Jesus, bless all those who have had losses from the fires in California. Give the firefighters strength. Amen.
Deatr Jesus, thank You for those who coordinated and came to Tommy's memorial service, and for those who spoke as they did, and for the comfort we had in remembering him, and and that Pastor Rob led it. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless my friend to be able to sleep and to have Peace in all aspects of her being. Amen.
> > > > My dad just had surgery and is not recovering as well or quickly as we had hoped and planned. Please pray for him Sunday in church. I will be visiting him on Sunday.
Dear Jesus, stress levels are SO high for so many ... Bless my friend's bro to heal, he just got out of hospital from ODing on heroin. And bless my other friend, heal her from all her stuff too. Amen.
Dear Jesus, thank You for Tom Petty, and his music that he shared with us for so long. Bless his loved ones with comfort and peace as we grieve his physical passing. Amen.
Dear God, be with loved ones and the everyone else involved, in this biggest mass shooting in U.S. history, at least 58 killed & over 500 injured in Las Vegas, God, keep satan far from all humans.
Dear Jesus, make things happen to get Bill into another dwelling. ... Heal our friend Freddie's leg to full and swift healing. Amen!
Dear Jesus, bless Beth to heal fully: "They were taking her by ambulance to St. Joseph hospital in downtown St, Paul where they have neurology specialist ... She will probably be at St. Joe's for a couple of days."
Dear Jesus, guide Sabina's loved ones tomorrow for safe travels to Wisconsin to honor her life. Bless James and Kenna and Jordan, and all, with comfort and Peace. Thank You for Your presence and Love and care for all of us. Amen.