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prayers for pastor cassie and her new baby, charlie steven. cassie was a former sems student with spirit gargage and the beautiful grey band. Kernsey Spirit Garage Minister of Music kernsey@spiritgarage.org 612.296.6789 Worship: Sundays at 10:30am The Hook & Ladder Theater & Lounge 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis MN 55406
from my cousin leah: I’m texting for prayers tomorrow, 12/14. 1/2 an hour when my case is called 9am EST or later—for targeted praying. Was just told plan for all morning to determine temporary custody, visitation and support. kernsey -- 612.296.6789 kernsey@spiritgarage.org
Dear Jesus, heal my Sis in Christ, Lenore. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless my sick friend to heal ASAP, Amen! And my bro to get proper diagnosis of the pain all over his body, and to be healed of it, and in all other ways, he's a Sick Pup. Amen!
Dear Lord, bless Tim, as he expressed that he wanted Your guidance to help him to spread Your Word in the most effective way. Amen!
Dear Jesus, bless our friend's Mom who has been diagnosed with cancer, to heal quick and fully. And bless her children to heal and be able to deal with challenges, and to be very healthy in all ways. Thank You that they are so blessed to have their Mom and Dad, and each other. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless the woman in Goodwill to have peace. Thank you that the police finally showed up. Protect her mind from satan, help her to know You well. Amen.
Dear Jesus, thank you that that woman who appeard to have a demon in her last night in my parking lot was restrained by her friend when she seemed ready to come at me. Bless her to heal. Amen.
God, Please help me to find a church home that is a good fit. Also, Bless the Spirit Garage family.
Dear Jesus, thank you that my friend & others in the car were not badly injured in accident. Please guide all involved to resolve injuries to their bodies & vehicles. Amen.