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Dear God, guide C into a really good, fulfilling job. Amen.
Thank You Jesus! that I was not injured bad when I wiped out roller skating, and that I was wearing thick jeans and gloves! Thank You for answering my prayer the other day to put Angels around us all for Protection from all harm. Amen!
Dear Jesus, bless Steve on his long trip, guide the pilots and staff to make it an enjoyable flight, and bless him to have a safe and fulfiling trip. Amen!
Dear God, bless Carmen with comfort as she grieves the passing of her husband. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless Stephanie's loved ones with peace and comfort as they greive her passing. Thank You for her and for her positive contribution to her fellow humans. Amen.
Dear Jesus, continued prayers for complete recovery for Uncle Swede, from surgery and therapy. Thank You for Your Healing Powers, Dear Lord.
Dear Lord, we continue praying that Chris gets some more help to free up his other helper. And we pray for a safe, fulfulling trip for our friends going on vacaction to France. Amen.
Dear Jesus, bless everyone in my friend's family to have peace. Amen.
From my friend: Keeping the east coast in my prayers as Hurricane Florence prepares to make landfall.