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hint it's the number four

Pray for the loved ones of the mom and her son who went to Heaven. Amen.
Dear God, dissolve and replace in humans any thoughts sourced by satan, so that no consequent evil actions will manifest. Amen.
Lord, put Peace on the situation in lobby library now where guards went running to resolve a chaotic situation. Bless the children with those people to not be traumatized by all that chaos and yelling. Amen.
Pray with me for the woman moving today to mental facility, that God heals her. And that her cat gets cared for. Pray for healing of the young boy who has apparently been sexually abused.
God, thank you for the good customer service I got from two people today, I was so glad for that.
Dear Jesus, thank You for guiding my friend C back to doing daycare as she is so excellent and commited to the children. Heal her totally of the laryngitis, Amen.
Thank You, Jesus, for my new scarf and the prayer. Thank You that Heidi and her kids found a new place to live. Please make it work out well for them. Amen.
Thank You, Jesus, that I was not injured when I fell on my skates. Amen!
Dear God, bro's good friend Bob passed on to You, from cancer recently; bless his family with comfort. (And Thank You that argumentative and agnostic bro did not try to dissuade me when I told him I would be putting in a prayer request for Bob's family.) Amen.
Dear God, bless wtih comfort those whose loved ones perished in the school shooting today. Bless those wounded to heal fully; bless their caregivers. Amen.